About the Owner Peter O'Rourke

Authority on all things cut glass...  


Owner and Master Glass Cutter Peter O’Rourke is a creative, talented individual with impeccable taste in antique and brilliant glass. He has been designing and cutting glass for 52 years at the top of his field, his expertise is highly regarded by his colleagues and those who have the pleasure to know him.



Growing up in Ireland Peter showed interest early in the arts and would regularly draw patterns on glass; several years later he decided to further his learning and fine tune his talents. In 1970 he began an apprenticeship with Galway Crystal, a new company in town and a direct competitor to Waterford Crystal. By 1977 Peter had completed his apprenticeship and earned the title of Master Glass Cutter and Engraver.



He worked at Galway another five years training the factories apprentices and developing new products. Then in 1981 Lenox recruited him for a products coordinator position in their American production facility. After visiting the Lenox factory in Mount Pleasant PA and having the support from his wife and daughters, the family decided it was an interesting opportunity and moved to America.


In the years the followed he excelled in his leadership role at Lenox and helped put out thousands of beautiful pieces of glassware for the company. He also worked on many special projects from custom gifts and stemware for US Senators to creating the awards for PGA/LPGA tour winners until the American factory closed it doors in 2001. For the past 40 years he has designed and sold his own cut glass and has contributed as an artistic contractor for the likes of Lenox, Tiffany and Waterford. 


Another rare honor and in tandem with Lenox, Peter creates the inaugural bowls given to each new president of the United States. These bowls are intricate and can take weeks to create including several cutting techniques. He has contributed his expertise to the inaugural bowl project for every president since Ronald Regan and  Clinton, Bush, Obama, Donald J. Trump and President Biden.




He has also contributed on numerous custom pieces for US senators, public figures and presidents such as this lamp for President George W. Bush.


Peter O’Rourke has been inspired by glass cutters/artists such as Hawkes, Taylor Brothers and other American brilliant glass cutters. He has an impressive personal collection of Brilliant period glass that anyone could appreciate.



Throughout his career Peter has developed a passion for collecting; buying and selling antique and art glass. In addition to delivering his own self titled line of Cut Glass, he can also be counted on to deliver an excellent collection of antique crystal, vintage glass and handmade gifts to his buyer’s year after year.